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There used to be a saying in e-commerce, "There's money in the list." I suspect that premise still holds true today. Maybe more so.

If list building is part of your growth strategy, then I've got great news. tinyAlbert has a library of AI-generated, prebuilt, easy-to-deploy, no-code forms for your Shopify store.

In this article, I show you how to:

  • open the Forms page

  • preview and activate a form

  • view stats on the Audience page

Opening the Forms page

Log in to your store, click the tinyAlbert app on the side panel, and then click the Forms icon. A new page displays.

tinyalbert AI email marketing forms

Available forms

tinyAlbert has three form templates. Each form loads as a popup on your store home page. Our app automatically saves all subscribers (via any one of these forms) to your Welcome audience.

tinyAlbert optin forms

Choose the best option based on your store needs.

  • Newsletter subscription form - Asks for a first and last name (optional fields) and an email address (required).

  • 10% Off Your First Order - Asks for a first and last name (optional fields) and an email address (required). tinyAlbert immediately sends an email with a code for 10% off the first store purchase.

  • Exclusive Deals form - Has three fields and prompts subscribers with the promise of deals rather than a newsletter.

  • Stay in touch form - Only one field - an email address.


Each form card has four features: Regenerate layout, Information, Preview, and Activate.

Regenerate layout

Click the three-dot icon and select Regenerate layout. tinyAlbert creates a fresh form.


Click the three-dot and select Information to open a popup window that provides details about the form and how it displays on your store.

Form preview

Click Preview on a form card to see how it displays on desktop and mobile devices. All forms are pre-formatted, so the design, layout, and text are ready to use.

preview a form

Activation toggle

The default setting for each form is off. Switch on the toggle to enable the form. To disable a form, switch off the toggle. When disabled, you see the word Activate.

If you enable a form when another form is active, tinyAlbert displays a warning message (you can't have two active forms at the same time) and auto-disables the first form.

activate a tinyAlbert form

Opening the Audience page

Click Audience on the side panel to review customer stats.

  • Unique Subscribers - Total number of customers on your list. This includes contacts imported from your Shopify list, and people signed up with a form.

  • New Subscribers - The number of new unique subscribers created since the application was installed.

tinyAlbert audience
  • Shopify audience - The number of customers who purchased something from your store since tinyAlbert was installed.

  • Welcome - The number of subscribers who signed up via a tinyAlbert form.

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