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Use Coupon Codes to Drive E-commerce Sales
Use Coupon Codes to Drive E-commerce Sales

Give customers another reason to buy

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Here's a fun fact. Coca-Cola was the first company to use a retail discount coupon. That was way back in 1887. Between 1894 and 1913, the company used coupons to distribute almost 8.2 million free drinks in an effort to build brand awareness. I guess that worked out pretty well, huh?

Yup, the history of coupons shows promos, bundles, loss leaders, and giveaways can be part of a broader strategy to drum up business. Here are a few specific outcomes that you might want to consider when developing a strategic use of coupon codes.

Attract new customers

Coupon codes can entice new customers to make their first purchase. Offering a discount through a coupon code can be a powerful incentive for first-time shoppers to try out a new brand.

Encourage repeat purchases

E-commerce stores can use coupon codes to encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. By offering discounts to customers who have previously made a purchase, businesses can increase customer loyalty and incentivize customers to continue buying from them.

Increase average order value

Coupon codes can increase the average order value (AOV) of a purchase. For example, businesses can offer discounts for purchases over a certain dollar amount or offer free shipping for orders that meet a minimum threshold. These types of incentives can encourage customers to add more items to their cart to qualify for the discount or free shipping.

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Clear out inventory

Coupon codes can be used to clear out inventory that isn't selling well. By offering discounts on products that are overstocked or that haven't sold as well as anticipated, businesses encourage customers to make a purchase and free up space for new inventory.

Here's the bottom line. Coupon codes can be an effective way for e-commerce businesses to drive sales, attract new customers, and increase customer loyalty.

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