Why Use Forms?

Better communication all around

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When someone asks me about the value of tinyAlbert forms on a Shopify store, I respond with this cryptic question: do you prefer stereo or mono?

Sounds weird, I know, but let me explain.

When customers go to your Shopify store and buy something, they provide an email address. However, they don't always opt-in to receiving continued marketing messages from you. Yes, you're building a list, but so what? The decision to opt-out limits your ability to stay in touch, enhance customer retention, and increase conversions. That's kind of like listening to Nine Inch Nails in mono.

Use forms to complement, not replace

Adding a tinyAlbert form to your store enhances Shopify's capabilities for contact. It's not meant as a substitute.

The form creates a complementary channel. Think stereo communication. You can capture opted-in email addresses from all sorts of visitors and customers:

  1. Site visitors who didn't make a purchase but want to stay in touch

  2. New customers who want to stay in touch

  3. Returning customers who want to stay in touch.

By building a dedicated opted-in email list in tandem with your Shopify contacts, you can enjoy a richer, fuller stereophonic re-marketing experience.

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