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Change the Message Language
Change the Message Language

Send campaign and automation messages in your favourite language

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Do you have a different preferred language for your campaign or automation messages? Well, good news is here. You can switch the default language of messages from English to French, German, and four other languages with a couple of clicks.

What gets auto-translated in the tinyAlbert app?

The campaign or automation message:

  1. subject line

  2. body copy

  3. footer information (this can be updated in the sender details).

tinyAlbert email marketing language options

If you want the business address to display in a different language, edit the sender details. Click here to learn how.

What doesn't get auto-translated?

  1. The tinyAlbert UI - the app language is still English.

  2. Forms. They are still English - changes coming soon.

  3. Sent campaigns (they've already been emailed to your audience, so there's no need to translate them).

  4. Preview text. But, you're free to enter preview text in any language.

  5. The business address in the footer. tinyAlbert pulls that address as is from Shopify. You can display this information in a different language by updating sender details.

Important Be sure to review the translated text before sending out your messages. AI does a good job with language translations, but it's not perfect.

tinyAlbert email marketing language choices

Changing the default language

Open the tinyAlbert app and click the My account icon at the bottom of the page.

tinyAlbert email marketing language page

On the My account page, scroll down to the Setup your Content Language field and select a language. English is the default, and there are seven other language options (German, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, French, and Swedish). More options coming soon.

Click the Generate button at the bottom of the page. Click Yes, generate in the confirmation popup window, and then OK.

tinyAlbert email marketing language menu

That's it.

Now you know how to change the default language of campaign and automation messages.

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