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Push your inbound marketing to the next level

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Great news for busy store owners!

tinyAlbert has a library of automations that can streamline important engagements with your store visitors and customers. Use these automations to build customer rapport, generate traffic, and increase conversions.

  • We've got a bunch of email automations ready to use right now. More on the way!

In this article, I show you how to:

  • open the Automations page

  • review general statistics

  • preview and enable an automation

Opening the Automations page

Log in to your store, click the tinyAlbert app on the side panel, and then click Automations. A new page displays General statistics and available options.

tinyalbert email marketing automations

General statistics

Revenue and conversion data are based on your store activity. These values come from the tinyAlbert Dashboard. The email section counts sends as well as unique clicks and opens for all automation messages.

tinyEinstein AI automations data

Available automations

Welcome Series 10% Discount

  • This automation works just like the regular Welcome Series (see below), with a difference. This one comes preloaded with a 10% discount coupon. Learn more about the Welcome Series 10% Discount automation.

Win Back Flow

  • Build a loyal customer base with a retargeting message that prompts long-ago shoppers to come back and see what's new. Learn more about the Win Back Flow automation.

Welcome Series

  • Send a friendly (one-time) greeting to each subscriber in your Welcome audience. Learn more about the Welcome Series automation.

tinyAlbert automation options

Thank You For Purchase

  • One hour after a customer completes a store purchase, the app sends a friendly message to say thanks. Learn more about the Thank You For Purchase automation.

Abandoned Cart

  • This tool sends a message to every store visitor who starts - but does not complete - a purchase. Our default setting sends a message four hours after the visitor abandons the store cart. Learn more about the Abandoned Cart automation.

Product Review

  • Use social proof to convey trust and drive sales by sending automated emails that ask for a product review. Learn more about the Product Review automation.


Each option has two features: Regenerate layout and Information. Click the three-dot icon (top right corner of a card) and select an option.

Regenerate layout

Click this link, and tinyAlbert generates a fresh layout and message.

The Regenerate layout and Edit links are visible when the automation is deactivated.

tinyAlbert AI automations regenerate layout


Click this link to open a popup window with data about the automation. The information here can help you drill down on performance by showing revenue, conversion, and email clicks and opens.

tinyAlbert AI automations information

Message preview

Select an automation and click Preview to see how the message displays on desktop and mobile devices. All templates come pre-formatted, so the design, layout, and text are ready to go.

tinyAlbert collects brand and order information (product images and text). Then, it dynamically loads that content into the message templates.

tinyEinstein AI automations desktop and mobile display

Activation toggle

The default setting for each automated message is off. Switch on the toggle to enable the emails.

Stop sending

To disable an automation, switch off the toggle. When disabled, you see the word Activate.

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