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Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms

Learn common words used on the tinyAlbert platform

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A Glossary of Terms is a list of definitions for specific words and phrases used in tinyAlbert. It serves as a reference resource to help users understand and clarify the meaning of terms that might be unfamiliar or have a specific meaning within our domain.

tinyAlbert Glossary

  • Abandoned Cart Email - When your customer starts a checkout process, this automation waits four hours until the order is placed. If not placed, tinyAlbert sends this email. Currently, this automation works only with Shopify stores.

  • Active Automation - The total number of active automations.

  • Audience - The intended target of an email campaign or automation. Identifying and understanding your audience is a crucial aspect of email marketing, as it allows you to create and tailor email content and strategies that resonate with the subscribers in your audience.

  • Automation - A marketing tool that empowers online retailers and marketers to smartly manage multiple email workflows according to customer behavior. tinyAlbert's AI-driven automated workflows can be found under the Automation tab. They are more relevant than promotional newsletters, which is why they tend to generate more revenue.

  • Browse Abandonment Email - Did you see something you liked? Convert curiosity into cash with this basic Browse Abandonment series. This is not yet launched. Coming Soon!

  • Campaign - A coordinated series of activities, messages, and strategies with a specific objective. Campaigns promote products and services to a target audience. They are a fundamental component of your marketing and communication efforts.​

  • Campaigns Calendar - A tailor-made event scheduler designed exclusively for your store. Activate and plan your campaigns to put your marketing on autopilot.

tinyalbert campaign calendar feature
  • Collected subscribers from tinyAlbert - The total number of unique subscribers and customers added to your audience since the tinyAlbert application was installed.

  • Dashboard - A user interface that provides an overview of key information and data relevant to the tinyAlbert's features and functions. It presents critical information in a visually concise and easily digestible format, typically through charts, graphs, tables, and other data visualization tools.

  • DKIM - Improve your deliverability and open rate by signing a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Without a DKIM, messages sent from your organization or domain are more likely to be marked as spam.

  • DMARC - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance standard. This has been developed in order to defend email users from receiving a large amount of spam and phishing messages. Applying this policy means emails from,, and @yahoo.comcan be sent using only their original servers. Learn more here.

  • DNS Record - Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming system that designates domain names and maps them to IP addresses.

  • Domain Keys - An email authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of the sender to prove message integrity.

  • Email Clicks - The total number of unique clicks recorded in your campaign and automation messages. This measure does not count total clicks (e.g. someone opened a message and clicked the same link two times).

  • Email Opens - The total number of times your campaign and automation messages were opened one time. This measure does not count total opens (e.g. someone opened the same message two times).

  • Email Sent - The total number of emails sent through the campaigns and automation.

  • Exclusive Deals - A unique form to sync customers with your offers. If enabled, this form asks the customer to enter their email, first name, and last name. tinyAlbert saves all subscribers who opted in with this form in the Welcome Audience.

  • Email Service Providers - A web app or desktop program that displays your emails. Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook are a few examples of popular email service providers (ESPs).

  • Export - Use this tinyAlbert feature to export your reports with all their data in a .xls format file.​

  • Forms - A valuable tool for engagement, lead generation, and communication with your audience. tinyAlbert forms play a big role in online marketing, customer service, and data collection.

  • Generated Conversion - The total number of customers who placed an order as a result of a tinyAlbert automation or campaign message.

  • Generated Revenue - Total revenue generated by triggering tinyAlbert automations or campaigns.

  • Import - This is how tinyAlbert pulls contacts from your Shopify store.

  • Information - It is a place where you can learn about the functions and features of a tool or element, like an automation.

tinyAlbert AI email marketing glossary
  • Integration - This means syncing client data to the tinyAlbert app from another software platform or application, which is specifically Shopify, as of now.

  • ISP - An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides customers with Internet access.

  • Newsletter Subscription - Use this form to collect newsletter subscribers. Once activated, it loads as a popup on your website home page. This form asks the customer to enter their email, first name, and last name. tinyAlbert saves all subscribers who opted in with this form in the Welcome Audience.

  • Opt-in - Someone agrees to be added to a mailing list. Opt-in can be either single or double. A single opt-in is when a subscriber submits their email address into the signup form, which is added to the audience list. A double opt-in requires the subscriber to click a confirmation link in a follow-up email after they submit their contact information through a signup form.

  • Preview - A campaign and automation option that shows you how the message will display on a desktop or mobile device.

  • Product Review Email - When a customer's order is fulfilled, tinyAlbert sends them a message 14 days later if, during this period, there are no other fulfillments. The message asks the customer to submit a review. Currently, this automation works only with Shopify stores.

  • Regeneration - A tinyAlbert feature that lets you refresh the layout of a campaign or automation workflow with the help of AI.

tinyAlbert regenerate ]a campaign message
  • Reports - In the Reports tab, you can find all your email campaign reports as well as automated workflow reports: opens, clicks, number of orders, revenue per email campaign, device reports, and more. Reports are also available for our signup forms.

  • Scheduled Emails - When an email campaign is built and tested, you can schedule it to be sent at a later date. In the last step of Email Campaign Wizard, set the future date and time, and tinyAlbert takes care of it. All scheduled campaigns can be found in the Campaigns tab -> Future Campaign section.

  • Sender’s Email Address - The sender’s email address is what recipients see in the From field of your email campaigns. It also serves for replying to any emails or bounce messages and receiving test emails.

  • Sender ID - This information verifies the sender’s identity using the From: or Sender: header fields. It is simply a different way to identify the legitimacy of a sender.

  • Settings - The place where you can customize a campaign or automation message.

  • Stay in touch - To add customers to your campaigns, activate this form. Once activated, it loads as a popup on your website home page. This form requires only an email field to be provided.

  • Subscribers - They are website visitors or customers who expressed an interest in receiving your promotional newsletters by submitting their email addresses via a signup form.

  • Template - An HTML file that serves as a starting point for a new campaign or an automation. The template's design layout and content can be copied.

  • Template Editor - A tool to quickly add, delete, duplicate, and move content blocks/Items in your email layout by dragging and dropping the elements.

  • Test emails - A tinyAlbert feature that lets you test and inspect a campaign or automation message before sending it live or setting a future schedule.

  • Thank You For Purchase Email - When a customer places an order in your store, tinyAlbert sends the Thank you for purchase email. The message goes out one hour after the purchase completes. Currently, this automation works only with Shopify stores.

tinyalbert thank automation
  • Total Customers - Subscribers collected submitted a tinyAlbert form.

  • Total Revenue From tinyAlbert - This info shows how tinyAlbert impacts your revenue, how many orders, and their amounts were driven by the platform.

  • Total Subscribers - Total unique subscribers in the application plus collected unique subscribers created since tinyAlbert was installed.

  • Welcome Series Email - When a customer becomes part of the Welcome audience, this automation sends an email notification to the subscriber.

  • Welcome Series 10% Discount Email - When a customer becomes part of the Welcome audience, this automation sends an email notification to the user with a 10% discount code.

  • Win Back Flow Email - When a customer places an order, tinyAlbert sends a follow-up message 30 days later. The message is a gentle prompt to buy the product again or check other products in your store. Currently, this automation works only with Shopify stores.

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